About us

FemLibrary is a queer feminist collective that has created a safe space with minimal resources but with endless communal devotion for queer feminist organising, resistance and knowledge building. Our initiative brings together and intertwines feminist and queer activism, art and academia in the spirit of solidarity and sisterhood. 

FemLibrary is an uninstitutionalised queer feminist imagination that aims at uniting Armenian feminists across different intersecting movements, initiatives, groups and organizations. It strives to fight against patriarchy, heteronormativity, neuronormativity, militarism, colonialism and other intersecting layers of oppression by producing intersectional feminist knowledge and fostering creative ac(r)tivism.

The vision of FemLibrary is a new world reimagined and rebuilt by women* and queer people who got emancipated from heteronormative oppressions and prejudices and dismantled patriarchal structures.

FemLibrary includes hundreds of books on gender, sexuality, feminist and queer studies, political philosophy, political science, human rights and related fields. It is open to the general public. 

FemLibrary also organises lectures, discussions, exhibitions, reading clubs, book presentations and other happenings, undertakes translations and writing of our own decolonial texts in Armenian.

FemLibrary does not consider feminist activism, academia, and the arts as separate independent entities. Instead, these three directions are interrelated, interwoven and inseparable. 

FemLibrary recognizes the diversity of women and (anti)identities, and by women we mean both biological women and those who fully or partially identify as women.