Twelve Feminist Lessons of War-Cynthia Enlow

With great joy and excitement we want to share that our library has been enriched with a new book by Cynthia Enlow, Twelve Feminist Lessons of War, sent to us by Cynthia herself with a card full of warm wishes.

Cynthia is one of the authors whose work has been highly influential in shaping our anti-militaristic feminist position and worldview, and has inspired a variety of artistic and activist work. We are very excited about Cynthia’s interest in FemLibrary and her support.

She is a political theorist, feminist writer, and Research Professor at Clark University.

She is best known for her work on gender and militarism and for her contributions to the field of feminist international relations. Twelve Feminist Lessons of War draws on firsthand experiences of war from women in places as diverse as Ukraine, Myanmar, Somalia, Vietnam, Rwanda, Algeria, Syria, and Northern Ireland. Cynthia Enloe demonstrates how patriarchy and militarism have embedded themselves in our institutions and our personal lives.

Enloe reveals how the social and political influences that shape war—from military recruitment and economic collapse to sexual assault and reproductive rights (and their denial)—are deeply gendered and pervade women’s lives before, during, and in the aftermath of war.

At FemLibrary, you can also find her other works, such as Bananas, Beaches and Bases and Maneuvers.